Click image below to view contents of the official LFHOA Press Package to address recent statements made by Londonderry Township.


We’ve come a long way in a year! We finally came up with a plan that satisfies all the requirements the Township gave us as guidelines to amend the Compliance Agreement. Take a look and let us know what you think!


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For generations our community has been the mindful custodians of the Susquehanna River’s Lake Frederick basin and supporters of the surrounding local economy. Recently our summer recreation homes have been threatened by a Compliance Agreement between the local government (Londonderry Twp) and the corporate entity (York Haven Power Company) which will terminate the leases of some 300 of our residents on Shelly and Beshore Islands. This agreement is in place to supposedly to comply with new FEMA requirements.

This Compliance Agreement unilaterally terminates all of our leases for the lots on Shelly and Beshore, without due process and consideration of the residents. Not only will we lose our investment and our property on the lots, but to add insult to injury, we will be financially responsible for the removal of all those properties, with no compensation. At some point in the future, this may also jeopardize the remaining residents who own properties on Shelly, Beech and Hill Islands.

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